Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Seventh Day at Manenberg: Quiet Day, Shopping, and Wrapping Party (12/17/14)

Once I peeled my burnt skin off of my sheets the next morning, I was excited to head to the school. I wanted to see how the children liked the finished wall!
First we needed to go shopping for the impending Christmas party we were going to throw them the following day. The girls had suggested that we go to a store named ‘Osman’s’ to buy school supplies and Christmas gifts. We had gone to Osman’s earlier in the trip and it was busy. I should have known how busy it was the week before Christmas. I have no found my personal definition of Hell. If I were to put it in perspective, it would be similar to a Walmart, except it had everything that a Wal*mart had with about a quarter of the space. It was cramped, unorganized, and above all else, cheap. The lines took forever. At one point, the worker who was bagging and boxing up all of our purchased contents...just left. She literally went to go sit down because we had too much stuff and she was tired. When the store manager went and confronted her about why she left, she shrugged and said she was sleepy. Although I am happy with all of our purchases made from there, no one could pay me enough money to go back in the holiday season.
Luckily the girls were also tired from painting, so we decided to have a nice, quiet day. We watched a movie with the 15 kids that were there and had an afternoon snack and juice with them.

Once we got home from dinner that evening, we began the wrapping party. Even though we have seen 40-60 kids throughout the weeks, we ended up buying 80 gifts. We wanted to individually wrap each we did. Jamie, being the saint that she is, had the movie Frozen on her ipad. We watched Frozen while wrapping and we finished just as the movie was ending! During this time, Owens was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we would serve for lunch the next day. 6 loafs of bread worth. We all laughed and giggled at Jamie’s proficiency at wrapping gifts. She lapped Brent and I more times than we can count.

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